Vis ma

Experience winemaking
for yourself in the Beaujolais!

“Vis ma Vigne!” gives you the opportunity to sponsor a block of vines for one year and follow its progress throughout the whole growth cycle: from pruning in winter to the bottling of your wine after the harvest.

Whether you are a novice or an aficionado, you will become a winemaker for four seasons.

A group of winemakers from the wine cooperative Signé Vignerons guides you in the vineyard and online throughout your experience as an artisan winemaker.

An ideal gift for
all wine lovers

Under the supervision of passionate winemakers, you will learn how to take care of your vine stocks in a convivial atmosphere through “Seasonal Encounters” in the charming setting of the Beaujolais.

Throughout the seasons, you will follow the progress of your block, thanks to your own personal space online.

An original gift
for all wine lovers!

The “ Vis ma Vigne ” offer

A welcome pack

4 Seasonal Encounters spread over one year

Personal space online to follow your block’s progress over a one-year cycle

6 personalised bottles of wine from your production

A 10% discount card valid in our 4 sales areas

Proud to be

We are a group of young winemakers who are passionate about our work, as were our fathers and grandfathers before us.

With “Vis ma vigne!” we are expanding our family by inviting you into our vineyards, for the time it takes to produce a vintage.