I am the swallow:
I live all seasons of the Grapevine.

When the grapes awaken to clear blue skies, I return to build my nest in the roofs of your homes. When autumn ends and the vines prepare to sleep, I leave to spend my winter in warmer lands.

I am loyal, generous and full of joy!

The seasons change, and with them, the vintages.
It is by listening to nature that at every change,
we can redesign our wines for you.

Like the major fashion houses, with every line of chalk, our collections are reborn.

Years pass, and our signature remains, the heritage of generations of wine-growers. Our roots and family histories are what lie behind the personality of our wines. It is on this foundation that our company was built.

A creator of emotions, Maison Tête is here to accompany you in all your happiest moments!

Our relationship with you is above all built on trust.

We build this together, by providing authenticity, in order to answer your “real” consumer needs.

Our unique style is our proudest achievement!

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These Rare Wines
reveal the unique character of Gamay.

These are the wines for great meals
and your most special occasions.


These Iconic Wines
exalt our vision of the Terroir

They are gourmet wines to accompany
all your cooking creations.


These Enjoyable Wines
will change the way you think about wine.

They are straightforward Wines
designed for sharing.


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