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Devoted to a grape variety

Always in search of excellence, Agamy has created a special universe that gleams with unique savoir faire and the originality of thousands of styles of wine. Wines that inspire passion and discovery: everything at Agamy is dedicated to your senses and the emotion of unforgettable flavours.

Explore our collections and discover the variety of our wines: Vibrant ranges of aromas, rich and varied flavours for all lifestyles. Supple, delicate, generous, they embody the elegance and spontaneity of our wineries, delighting your senses and making each tasting experience one of infinite pleasure.

Agamy, the Art of Gamay!

A creator of emotions,
Louis Tête is here to accompany you
in all your happiest moments!

Gamay in all its guises…

I am Le Chat Rouge,
I may be a little different, but above all,
I’m passionate about life.

Bring to life all your desires
and escape with me