Vineyard report / July 2017

July has been quite hot with temperatures rising up to about 35°C and with a few days that they were a little bit cooler at only 20°C to 25°C.

We’ve been through three hail storms during the past four weeks. As of our production, we only suffered minor damages.

During the beginning of July, we reached the stage of “the closing of the clusters” for the mid and the latest plots.

juillet 1

This year, the veraison (the beginning of ripening, when the grapes begin to change colour) took its time to arrive due to drought conditions and deficit water.

This past week-end’s rain (around 20 mm) gave the possibility to the vine to develop again and to finally start the phenomenon of the changing of color.

The earliest plots are already at the stage of 25 to 30% of veraison.

juillet 2

For the wine growers, this is the end of the pesticide management. The sanitary status is still very good.

Next week, we will begin to monitor, on a regular frequency, the ripeness of the grapes by following the increasing of the sugar level and the decreasing of the acidity. This will help us determining the full ripeness time and to an end, the harvest time, scheduled for the end of the month or the beginning of September.

By Anne-Claude DELATRE


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