Portrait of winemakers #8

Introduce yourself briefly
Mathieu Subrin, 35, winemaker in Sarcey. I’ve been married for five years and I have a three-year-old son. I run a 12-hectare vineyard in Beaujolais. I’m chair of the local farm machinery cooperative (CUMA) in Sarcey and I’m a director of Agamy.

How did you become winemaker ?
My father was a winemaker, so I’ve been immersed in this world since I was little. I studied for a vocational qualification in winemaking and oenology at the sixth form college in Mâcon. I started my career at the wine cellar in Bully, where I was in charge of the bottling line. After my father passed away, I took over the family farm and expanded it from 7 to 12 hectares.

What makes you proud of your job?
Being my own boss and working with such a fabulous product. I love growing grapes and turning them into wine that people all over the world can enjoy. I’m a director of Agamy – something that tallies with the work I do right through the process, from growing grapes to selling wine. The fact that I work in contact with nature also fills me with pride, even if nature can sometimes throw you a curve ball. I can see the snow-capped peak of Mont Blanc from my vineyard, and I regularly rub shoulders with deer early in the morning. You can’t put a price on that.

What are your passions outside of your job?
Travelling with my wife. Football – I’m an Olympique Lyonnais fan. I love walking or taking out my road bike and exploring the stunning local valleys. I have fond memories of the Beaujolais half marathon, which I ran with Agamy colleagues back in 2015. I also love good food and drink, I love life, I love my friends and family, and I love meals with friends.


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