A little Oenosophical manifesto

Today, more than ever, we all want to experience moments where we express and share the best of ourselves…

That is why uniting on the basis of strong roots, exciting innovations and genuine, simple expressions, leads to enjoyment and sharing.

The living fruit of the deep commitment of men & women united by a single grape variety, Gamay, and heirs to the same wine-growing heritage, wine offers a necessary intensity and unique spectrum of experiences for all occasions, whether it’s an everyday occurrence or a special celebration! A true influence of passion!

At Agamy, our philosophy of life is a philosophy of wine. Our oenosophy is that every lifestyle has a corresponding style of wine. Our oenosophy also means reinventing the original simplicity of wine and thus regaining the essence of pleasure… Appreciating naturally without constraint or influence…

Pushing the boundaries of commonly held beliefs, we would like to establish the first lines of a collaborative and ethical work, which we hope will help each and every one of you to relearn, rediscover and choose… Our belief: your vision of wine has to change!

We are passionate men and women who live the art of wine and of our grape variety.

With modesty and sincerity, we devote all our talents and desires to respecting what nature gives us, enriching your exclusive, generous experience of Gamay, and intensifying the signature range of aromas of an ever-identifiable, extraordinary variety.

We want to make it more widely available on more and more relaxed, enjoyable occasions, creating unique and unforgettable encounters each time, whether it is to discover or rediscover emotions…

The blog “Oenosophie” is your blog! Read, contribute and expand to your heart’s content.

In a word: ENJOY!

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