History of the Agamy logo

This year, our cooperative changed its name and visual identity.

We asked two agencies – Naemes for brand creation and verbal identity and Infoflash for visual identity – to think about and design various projects.

We wanted to highlight:

  • The work of Agamy’s men and women
  • Our origins from the land
  • Wine
  • Life
  • Travel
  • Knowledge


After listing all the values we wanted the logotype to symbolise, we took the time to discuss with our agencies and develop this idea… The result of a group effort led by the winemakers themselves, Agamy was born.


Our vision was becoming clear:

  • A maze, representing life itself, the archetype of Knowledge and also a symbol for travel.
  • A vine, as a reminder of the terroir and mastery of nature.
  • A fingerprint, symbol of personality, identity and artisan work.
  • A seal, sign of excellence.

Agamy is now the identifying mark of the brands Louis Tête, Le Chat Rouge, Signé Vignerons and all the other innovations that will one day be revealed.



A powerful name and an anagram of Gamay, promoting our identity worldwide.


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