5 cl rye whisky (e.g. Jim Beam)
2 cl fresh lemon juice (fresh, mind you!)
2 cl cane sugar syrup
2 cl red wine (signed Vignerons Gamayx’llence, full of body and fruit)
1 orange slice
1 cherry preserved in brandy (just one is enough!)

To prepare the cocktail, take a shaker (yes, like a real barman!). Shake the whisky, lemon juice and sugar (go for it – it won’t hurt) with ice cubes in the shaker. Strain into a glass containing ice cubes. Finally, gently pour in the red wine (a little delicacy after all that shaking, if you don’t mind!). Serve in an Old Fashioned glass, which is much less old-fashioned than the name suggests. Decorate with a slice of orange on the rim and the cherry at the bottom.

And there you have it!


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