Collaboration between artist Alexöne and chef Christian Sinicropi

This week in this section, Le Chat Rouge has seen red and is offering up its favourite graphics and line drawings. Le Chat Rouge presents a collaboration between the artist Alexöne and the chef at Cannes’s Martinez Hotel restaurant, La Palme d’Or. The result of this “art of fine dining” in ceramic form is unusual to say the least.

It was through artist Steph Cop that two-star chef Christian Sinicropi and another artist, Alëxone, met and decided to work together. From there, an effervescence of the senses was born. And like a nice glass of Chat Rouge, ideas sparkled. The concept was simple: exploring their common fascination for the other’s expertise. Following discussions on art and cooking, the result is a dish, bell cover and all, the fruit of their labours in their respective fields and made a reality by the chef’s wife, who happens to be a ceramicist by trade. The dish has been served in the restaurant La Palme d’Or, at Hotel Martinez in Cannes since May 2015, while awaiting a new collaboration that promises to involve sculpture and chocolate.

Where did the idea for this collaboration with Christian Sinicropi, chef at the Martinez in Cannes, come from?
The pleasure of doing something together. I liked his cooking and he liked my painting; we just wanted to share it, simple as that. The encounter worked.

How were you involved in the dishes?
That’s his area! Like drawing is mine. He told me about his ideas and I listened, but I trusted him entirely! It was quite unpredictable, his ideas constantly changing until the last moment.


Where and how will these works live now?
The dish has been served at the restaurant La Palme d’Or since early May when they changed their menu. In the same restaurant there is also a lamb dish with artist Steph Cop served in a square bowl and plate. Actually it was Steph who suggested I meet the chef.


As a foodie and regular at fine restaurants, do you want to take this link between cooking, wine and art further?
Oh yes! Although I have no idea what form it will take officially, but as up to this point things have often happened out of encounters and sheer pleasure, especially where cooking is concerned, which is something I am discovering and that I enjoy very much… Okay, I don’t know if I should say this, but the chef Christian Sinicropi, Steph Cop and I are working on a little chocolate number. Mini chocolate sculptures in our respective shapes… It’s a work in progress!


Now that our word-of-mouth duty is done, don’t forget it was Le Chat Rouge who told you!


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