It was Le Chat Rouge who told you

Every month in this blog (we prefer the term “digital parchment” to be unrolled), the team at Fricote, an urban epicurean magazine, offers up a wine-related topic, in full compliance with French regulations (Loi Évin). This week in this section, Le Chat Rouge has seen red and is offering up its favourite graphics and line drawings. Le Chat Rouge presents the illustrator Jean Jullien.

You must have heard of him. You or your subconscious and his canvas reminiscences. Originally from the Nantes region and a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London, Jean Jullien is one of the last news cartoonist/sketch artist to work for international publications such as The New Yorker, New York Magazine, The Guardian, The Inrocks and Libération in France. Last July in Paris, he presented “Petit Appétit”, a food-themed exhibition, in collaboration with the magazine Fricote and the Parisian shop Colette.

jeanJULLIEN2Through the visuals he designed for “Petit Appétit” – from interpreting market trends and consumer habits to observing the use of mobiles at table – Jean Jullien sketches and summarises his thoughts in a single image, which in themselves are sure to make you grin. A gentle irony, which goes perfectly with a glass of Le Chat Rouge, is currently doing the rounds of expos worldwide, and can also be followed daily on social networks.

Now that our word-of-mouth duty is done, don’t forget it was Le Chat Rouge who told you!



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