Le Chat Rouge presents Inès Longevial

This week in this section, Le Chat Rouge has seen red and is offering up its favourite graphics and line drawings. Le Chat Rouge presents the work of illustrator Inès Longevial.

classics of our artistic heritage, to this art that has been thrown to the dogs, this discipline known as “painting”. In an age of digital and vector art, Inès Longevial lugs her set of brushes all the way to the capital. Originally from the south-west of France, this artist has gouache and wind in her sails, creating works and campaigns for brands struggling for inspiration. It is because her art smacks of tradition, this painting that is not digital, although she does post appetisers on Instagram from time to time. A spectator of our time gifted with a style from yesteryear, she might as well make a full time job out of her hobby! And we’re the last ones you’ll hear complaining.

Now that our word-of-mouth duty is done, don’t forget it was Le Chat Rouge who told you!




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